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Alabaster Bear
Acoma Pueblo Pottery
Beehive Sculpture
Vintage Squash Blossom Belt
Clarity Bear
Galleria Carnaval
Alabaster Buffalo
Acoma Pottery
Galleria Carnaval
American Dream
Wedding Procession
Ceramic Bowl
Cod Piece with Flap
Corn Maiden
Sun Dial Limestone Sculpture
A Moment in Flight
Artist: Charlie Aaron
Tiger Cub
Vintage Mardi Gras Doll
The Illuminant Ones
Artist: Charlie Aaron
Steampunk Mask
Pearl Lean's Night
2 shiva sunflower 1
Mr Yamamoto's First Gay Pride
Alabaster Sculpture - Walter Torres
Gods and Flying Squirrels
Artist: Charlie Aaron
The Sentinel
Tree Of Life - Leather Art
Trout - Leather Art
Chicken Crossing
Tranny Pirates
Enchanted Treasures
The Ghost of Marsha P Johnson
Corn Maiden Carving
Elk - Leather Art
Galleria Carnaval
Provincetown Harbor
Ceramic Art
Drag Queens, Provincetown, Mass
Galleria Carnaval
Pele's dragon
Sticky Situation
Ceramic Sculpture
Ceramic Bowls
"El Morro" - Leather Art (5 layers)
Wolf - Leather Art
Wood Carvings from Zuni Pueblo
Galleria Carnaval
Geese and Ganders
Galleria Carnaval
Sacred Stone #5
Handmade Drums
The Last Performance
Drum and Leather Masks
Arizona Lawman
Mask in the Flowers
Wood Fired Ceramic Art
Penny and John
Galleria Carnaval
Galleria Carnaval Outdoor Sign
Postcard To Mother
Trannies to the Rescue
"Moon Child" Alabaster Sculpture
Witches by the Water
Aliens and Wizards
Under the Mesa
Wood Carved Woodpeckers
Vladamir`s Dream
Crowned Crane
Trannies Fishing
St. Peter
Queer Clowns
All-American Trannie
Mr. Yamamoto`s First Gay Pride
Incident a the House of Blue Lights
Berdache Wedding
Bar Mitzvah Singer
"Big Prayers" Alabaster Bear
Clown Day at Orphanage
"Egyptian Fantasy" - Coyote Skull
Galleria Carnaval
Galleria Carnaval
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Winter Solstice through Spring Equinox;
Making Connections
This show features over 30 artists and offers a stunning diversity in style and expression. Stop in to see this amazing collection!
Acoma Pueblo artist Sharlyn Sanchez is featured at the Galleria Carnaval. Her pottery is delicately hand painted and a true treasure to any art collection.
Acoma Pueblo artist Walter Torres is also featured at the Galleria Carnaval! Walter produces some of the finest sculpture in the country. What a great privilege to show these fantastic pieces!
Galleria Hours:
Saturday - 9am - 5pm
Sunday -   1pm - 5pm
By Appointment -
or call 505-717-7841
December 22th, 2019 -----
Thank You to everyone for helping the Galleria Carnaval have another great year in 2019. It is a blessing to have so many creative beings in the surrounding area. The artwork that was brought in during the year was truly
wonderful. I am looking forward to helping art thrive in 2020! Standing Feather
I have the best collectible sculpture selection I have ever had - come in and check it out! Walter Torres, Steve Storz, Charlie Aaron, D'vorah Curtis, Eden Gloria, Alan Lewis, John Gleason, Ingrid Donaldson, Pati Hays and others. All have beautiful sculpture on display.
The Lewis Family from Zuni Pueblo spans three generations of woodcarvers, and they are some of the finest around. Stop by and see their work. I have over 10 pieces from Alan, Loy, and Wynter.
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The Galleria Carnaval is

proud to offer several

fine art pieces from the

impressive Beverly Moody Collection. Featured are originals from Navajo painters Baje Whitethorne Sr. and Gilberto Jumbo, as well as a Zia Pueblo made bowl circa approximately 1940. 

Blessed Be,

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