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Rachel Shali

 Artist Bio: Rachel Schali “All art is autobiographical.” David Burn My parents influenced my art, my mom being a painter and my dad being an architect . They took me to The Art Institute of Chicago, where I became totally absorbed in art and realized as a child that zone was where I wanted to be. I attended Syracuse University and Mills College. My work can be about place, space, color, abstraction and people. I’ve showed at A.I.R. Gallery and Southern Exposure in San Francisco, Arroyo in Santa Fe, and locally at Art123, Old School House Gallery, and Silver Stallion. Influences are Lonnie Graham, Bob Alexander, Marilyn Minter, Sharon Lawless, Brenda Luckin, Joan Brown, Ron Nagle, Alice Neel, David Hockney, students I’ve taught art to, museums, galleries around the world and Facebook.

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