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Redwulf Dancing Bare

RedWulf DancingBare


           I have shot thousands of 35 mm photos over the last 35 years.  I have enjoyed certain themes throughout this shooting spree - especially flowers, natural landscapes, dramatic colors and textures, indigenous ruins and petroglyphs, statues, and monuments, drag queens, faeries, and costumed folk. I have had the pleasure of capturing some remarkable memories from the Florida Keys, Provincetown MA, Cape Cod Bay, the desert/ mountain southwestern U.S., Portland Oregon, the Hawaiian Islands, the Mediterranean, and the Amazon.

     I began intentionally shooting double exposures about 25 years ago, and found the results very exciting. The ghosts, energy space holders, and psychic stimulators that appear out of thin air, talk dramatically to me, and I plan to create a divination deck from the images. My process with this has been to shoot 5 rolls of film, rewind them each to where there is just a half inch of lead on them and put them all together in a bag. Then I randomly draw an unmarked roll of film, and begin to shoot over the old role, unsure even of where or what I was framing on. The results have often startled me, and I am proud to be a channel for their evocation. May they speak to you as well.

      I have also had a great time doing slab roll ceramics, painting in oil and acrylic, performing in countless theater productions, practicing healing work, and being the baker at the Ancient Way Cafe'. 

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