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Rossi Bright

Rossi Bright

I love painting, playing with the energy of color, with the

seen/unseen, perceptions/ideas regarding various elements of different dimensions/being, & the illusions of this material/physical plane.  I like to incorporate elements of what might be referred to as representationalism, abstraction, & surrealism (however, I do not care for labels/categories/etc)…..using a mix of color, humor, mystical/dream elements, lyricism/story telling, imagined times/places/situations, & pattern.  


To me, all of the arts are in essence a documentary, a glimpse into our spiritual journeys as individuals, as human beings living in a grand, incredible, multi-dimensional array of being, experiences, perceptions, situations, observations, reactions, feelings, narratives, relationships, etc. in this time & place, in this world we presently call home.


A home offering such an endless, curious spectrum of circumstances often challenging the most basic of human needs, questions, perceptions, and being regarding our inner and outer worlds……& other worlds.  We seem to be called to imagine, create, respect, and develop more expansive ideas of what home & our connectedness is and can be amidst an ever changing world and life/land scape.

A home steeped in a myriad of questions and issues portrayed in so many amazing ways by so many creative beings throughout time.



Painter/Textile Arts: as long as I can remember (gouache, acrylic, mixed), exhibitions-various national, collections-private/government/commercial (national/international)


Musician/Vocalist: earlier in life incarnation….Brooklyn/NYC 1980’s-90’s (Brooklyn Beat/alternative bands collective-Frank’s Museum)


Gallery Director: Gallery 211, Open Studio/Outsider Gallery….New Mexico


Art Studies: Rock Valley College/IL, Layton School of Art/WI….& self taught/school of life


Most resonate Tarot card:  the Fool

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