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Steve Storz

Steve Storz, currently of Gallup, NM and originally from Texas City, Texas, explains; “My work is a manifestation of the deserted, vacated, the timelessness of elements captured in iron oxide, the development of layer upon layer of technologies, many discarded. Packed in so many of the materials are qualities to be celebrated, dignified, so history can be retained, especially imbued with a utopia that is natural to my experience”.


“Part of my energy results in drawings done with oil pastel, graphite, and other mixed mediums, often containing jagged, frenetic line qualities, and smudged wayward nuances”.


“Other work erupts as sculptures from the materials of my “Metal Studio”.

Inside the warren of shelves bearing electronic scraps, vintage equipment, jumbles of wires, myriad shapes in steel, much rusted, some mangled and some raw stock, he gathers, reforms, resurrects, forges, and cobbles forms together.


Various media have remarked Storz as “gizmologist”, “techno-sculptor”, having “mad scientist sensibilities”.


“It often feels like I am wrangling brute precision wildness, at times delicately, into artworks”.


Steve Storz, 2019


me in wing chair w sculptures d 72
SPTB  Crystal Node 72
Steve Storz 2
SPTB  Crystal Node open 72
SPTB Clam 72
SPTB Two Chamber 72
SPTB Two Chamber open 72
me in wing chair w sculptures d 72
Steve Storz 1
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