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Reed Anderson

 Reed Anderson began his interest in photography while a graduate student in Madison Wisconsin. After a course in darkroom technique he bought a used Leica rangefinder and began taking, developing and printing his own photographs. It was a creative outlet that he loved while pursuing a PhD in Spanish language and literature. And although he continued to photograph, he took a break from showing his work while managing a 35-year career in academia. Retirement to New Mexico inspired him to try again to develop an eye for the varied and unique beauty that surrounds us everywhere but is most often passed over. The wonderful Ramah / El Morro community is now offering a chance to show his work both at the Old School Gallery and the Galería Carnaval. For these opportunities he is humbly grateful and uniquely inspired to share his visual discoveries through photographs that he hopes will bring both surprise and pleasure to viewers.

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Reed Laundry2
Reed Laundry
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