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Pablo von Lichtenberg

Pablo von Lichtenberg is a self taught artist living and working between Berlin, New York and Paris. He is currently working in mixed media assemblage, collage and multi-media installations & sculpture, incorporating found objects and images into bodies of works he refers to as RASA (Recycld ARTifacts as Structural Assemblages)


He spent much of his youth in the New England state of Connecticut, before relocating with his family to Florida. After graduating high school he attended Florida Atlantic University where he studied Banking and Business Administration. Upon completion of his degree in Banking he worked for 12 years as Bank Manager before returning to the University to become a foreign language teacher. He additionally spent many simultaneous years gathering technical experience from his close friend and mentor, the American artist, John A. Watson.  Subsequently, he spent l8 months touring Central America & the European continent learning the French and Spanish languages, as well as extensively discovering the diverse artistic treasures of the European and ancient Maya civilizations.

In 1993, after being invited to Berlin for an art exhibit by German painter Charlotta Janssen,  he decided to more actively pursue his inner passion as an artist and permanently  returned to his ancestral Germany . Under the artist name,  Pablo Reese, he began exhibiting his AIDS oriented series:  “works in red & black”.   Consequently, the intrigue of the metropole Berlin inspired his works greatly and he decided to take up residence as a “Wahl-Berliner”.

In 1996, the artist rented his first atelier in Berlin and began producing mixed media works. The following years were spent exhibiting his works primarily in Berlin and participating in various artist projects in Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Bulgaria. In 2001, together with his then business partner and agent the artist opened GALLERY twenty four, Europe’s premier gallery for autodidactic and undiscovered artists from around the world.   The project, unique in its concept, opened in the autumn of 2001 with its primary goal to offer other autodidactic and undiscovered artists a place to exhibit their works in an increasingly international market.  2004 saw the expansion of the gallery and under the direction of von Lichtenberg a second venue, ARTLINE:berlin, was opened to offer studio space to international artists wishing to create a specific body of works or projects in Berlin. 

With the opening of GALLERY twenty-four / P A R I S in 2005, the artist established a second artist studio for himself in Paris-Montmartre and continued the creation of his  RASA works. 2005 also marked the year where he began displaying  his work to a much broader international audience in France, Atlanta, and New York.  He also received the 2nd place juror’s prize for one of his RASA works in the 2005 International Assemblage Exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

In 2006, while attending the opening of “scavengers”, a group exhibition at the Gloria Kennedy Gallery which presented a selection of his RASA minimals, he decided to launch his studio in New York. With this decision came the opening , of not only von Lichtenberg’s private studio, but also the New York location of Gallery twenty-four.

“Out of the Dark” a solo exhibition of von Lichtenberg’s newly developed pellcollage series premiered in New York in 2007.  During the preparation of this exhibition the artist began to experiment with digital medium and commenced work on his “Urban Candy” and “Consumer Exhaust” projects which will be previewed in 2010.

Among some of the artist’s selected events and curatorial projects are the International Assemblage Artist Exhibition, Sommerwende International Arts Festival, Artricity-Berlin, and the 2007 Art Interview Magazine’s Awards Exhibition. Von Lichtenberg was also the creator and Chief Editor of Mimosaextra: micro-magazine of the arts from 2003-2007.

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