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Walter Torres - Acoma Pueblo

My name is Haubeni Kaacha,” the replenishing rain that approaches from the west” it was given by my Grandmother. Playing as a child, I was often running in fossilized dinosaur footprints. I was in awe as a child to see ancient petroglyphs and wild animals in their natural environments. My heart and mind became inspired. I wanted to capture and memorialize precious moments and legends in stone. Stones created from natural elements through time capture amazing strata and enhance my sculptures beauty. As the only stone sculptor from Acoma I decided to continue my education at the Poeh Center in Pojoaque, NM. There, I learned sculpting techniques but it was under the watchful eye of my mentor Adrian Wall, that I perfected my abilities. This gave me the confidence I needed to attempt “Mobius style” sculptures inspired by Keizo Ushio. Sculptors like Alan Houser and Cliff Fragua inspired my traditional designs. Art Competitions among “Renowned” sculptors and “Interested Collectors” have given my Life, Sustenance! I have won many awards in Fine Art and Native Art Shows. I have Exhibits in Museums and in Private Art Collections. My Sculptures have been both exciting and profitable.

                                           Walter Torres 

        Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico


*Chimney Butte Gallery, Old Town Albuquerque, NM

*Keshi, Santa Fe Plaza

 Santa Fe, NM

*Haaku’ Museum Gift Shop

Acoma Pueblo, NM

*Diana’s Rock Shop

Fountain, Colorado

*Chaco Canyon Trading Post

Milan, NM

*Bien Mur Indian Market Center

Sandia Pueblo, NM

*Isleta Casino,

Isleta Pueblo, NM

Galleria Carnaval

 El Morro NM.

Inscription Rock Trading

 El Morro, NM

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