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Cyndy Carstens




Cyndy Carstens began a love affair with art after winning a scholarship to the Art Institute of Minneapolis at the age of 6. Her career has encompassed work as a creative director, art director, graphic designer, illustrator, muralist and fine art painter. Cyndy has owned several small businesses during these ventures and continues to pursue her professional art career as an entrepreneur, owning Carstens Fine Art Studio in downtown Scottsdale, AZ.


Carstens art endeavors have undergone several major overhauls based on challenges in her personal life. Her study of meteorology, geometry, reflective and refractive light to be incorporated into her art making began in 2006 while caring-giving her mother who had been diagnosed with a terminal disease. The depth and color portrayed in her work heightened as her son began a torturous fight with cancer in 2013.


Today, Cyndy’s work continues to focus on the ever-changing weather patterns of the Southwest with colorful renditions of skyscapes balanced by organic forms, landscape and embodying geometric layers.


Carstens work is contemporary, yet emotionally recognizable and thought-provoking.


Collected by private and corporate patrons across the U.S. and 7 countries, Carstens’ work has gleaned numerous awards, as well as being a guest on many television/radio news programs throughout her career.  Cyndy’s work is represented by Carstens Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ; UGallery, San Francisco, CA; and Galleria Carnaval, NM.

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