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J. Craig Cox

J. Craig Cox, Artist

Enchanted Ridge Designs


My art is where I combine the beauty and wonder that I see with the excitement and joy of working with my hands.   

I am a landscape photographer -

I make one of a kind jewelry out of hand shaped and polished stones which I set in specially designed sterling silver settings.

  When wood calls to me I turn shapes on my lathe, or hand carve walking sticks, do relief carvings and furniture.  

Custom made knives and gun grips can take me from horn to inlaid and polished wood.  I shape, sharpen and polish the knife blades from 440 steel.

I also work as a contractor, learning more each day about the best ways to use all the wonderful resources that are available on the West Central Plateau of New Mexico.  I have become familiar with solar and cistern systems and so much more.   

One day I would like my art to be my primary activity.

Thank you for taking the time to look at and perhaps invest in my art and the community of artists that Standing Feather has brought together in  The Galleria Carnaval.


J. Craig Cox

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