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Rossi Bright

Rossi Bright


Painter: exhibitions & sales/over 45 yrs.


Medium: gouache & acrylic (other mediums: textiles/mixed, interior design)


Resides: New Mexico (formerly New York, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois)


Art Studies: Rock Valley College/Rockford IL, Layton School of Art/Milwaukee WI…& self taught/school of life


Collections:  various private & public collections in the US & Europe


Brief Statement:  I love painting, playing with the energy/vibration of color, with the often unseen but, imagined elements of different dimensions, & challenging the illusions of this material/physical plane. 


I like to incorporate elements of what might be referred to as representationalism, abstraction, & surrealism…..expressing such perceptions via color, humor, mystical icons, ordinary elements, lyricism, & pattern. 


In the viewing of art, I trust the viewer to bring their own perceptions & stories to whatever they may be seeing.  All of the arts are in essence our human documentary, a glimpse into our spiritual journeys as individuals as well as the time & place we share together. 


Art is life……Art is an expansive, ever evolving journey……Art is nourishment for the body, mind, & soul…..Art takes you to places you never knew you could travel to or even knew you wanted to go…..delight in the ride!