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Ingrid Donaldson

Ingrid Donaldson 

Owner - Blink Gallery, Scottsdale AZ

Painter: exhibitions & sales/over 45 yrs.


  I left the corporate world in 1995 to start on a path that was more fulfilling. Although, always an artist, I truly began to explore and learn the glass casting field. I enjoy the science of chemistry and physics of casting and traveled the country to gain knowledge. I wanted to create holistic pieces and began working in blacksmithing and welding in order to build structures that could house my castings. Always the student and teacher, I went back to school (ASU) to obtain an MFA in metalsmithing and sculpture. I achieved this goal and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2014. Within a few months after graduation, three momentous changes happened for me. 1.) An opportunity became available to relocate the Blink Gallery to Scottsdale, Arizona. 2.) I was invited to return to the Phoenix Center for the Arts as the Department Head of Glass in order to rebuild and grow the program. 3.) I was invited to interview with Scottsdale Community College for the position of Jewelry/Metalsmithing Faculty. I am established in my current path with these career choices. I rebuilt the glass program at PCA and have since passed the position on to a colleague. I have expanded the Blink Gallery and added another suite that has a full metalsmithing studio where I create and teach. I enjoy my faculty position at Scottsdale Community College and have a full roster of students. My work has expanded to include both glass casting, sculpture, and jewelry. My designs are driven by the sciences and historical perspectives. In continue to exhibit and sell my work both nationally and internationally. 


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