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Stephanie Y. Cox

Artist Bio

Hi!  My name is Stephanie.  Way back in the beginning of me  I remember painting and playing with color.  I got way off track as I grew up and lost touch with who I was in an effort to find work that my parents assured me would be more meaningful and certainly more gainful than the art that I so loved.  Well here I am again starting again to uncover myself in relation to art,  in relation to my art.  It is a one step at a time process often scary and frequently messy, but it is true.   I love flow and color.   Movement and color.  My first love after painting was sewing.  With sewing I kept my art alive.  Now I am playing with wood and copper.  I know that each time I step into my studio I will find something new in me to share with the world. 

You can find me on Facebook at Enchanted Ridge Designs.

Thank you for looking and do not forget to come  back as very little stays the same.


Stephanie Cox

Enchanted Ridge Designs

Facebook,Enchanted Ridge Designs

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