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Happy New Year

The year ends. What a beautiful experience it has been to set intention for and manifest this gallery. A HUGE thanks to John Gleason for helping me set this up and for inspiring me endlessly. Also, big thank you's to Redwulf, ALL of the Galleria Carnaval artists, Zane, Will, Steph, Colleen Lavin, Margery Ginsberg, Tom and Ethel Davis, Sharron, Melani, Maqui, Elk-Kin, Johanna, Reinhard, Jacque Keller, Walker, Mike Emery, Richard, Kate Brown, Rossi, Reed, Jack and Sherry, Carol Lee, John from Tuscon, Layard, Laura from Grants, Pablo, Tim and Lucia, Julie and Scott, Jen and Greg, mom and dad, Justin, Shea Thomas, Joanna from EMAAC, Richard and Marianna, Joel, the vast and wonderful family of this community, Basil Braveheart, Genevieve, Terry Walker, Jamie, Ayaqua and Rising Buffalo, ZMS, EMAAC, Inscription Rock Trading, Jay, Christy, mom, Penny and John, Mern and Phil, Mike Francis, Margaret Merrill, Marcella, Amy and Louie, and all those I forgot!

Let's make some art! Feather


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