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The void has been cast to be filled with magic again!

As the final Galleria Carnaval show wraps up today, I wish to extend my warmest and deepest gratitude to all of you. The list is too long to create, but you know who you are! Thank yourself for creating beautiful art and thank yourself for caring about art. It is, of course, the people who make the Carnaval happen. The show is simply holding space for you to look deeply into the truest and most complete vision of yourself. Special thanks to my two children, who both infused their magic into the space - and to the trees and stones of the El Morro Valley, who whisper the visions to me when I walk beside them.

While the void spins the new vision, the gallery will still be my working studio and will feature small numbers of artists both in sculpture and with wall pieces. This website will remain my website, and my email ( will remain the same. My intention is to move into a deep cycle of painting, as I have several shows to prepare for. Through the process of making art and listening to the songs of the Earth Mama, I am expecting something new to arise.

El futuro no es nuestro para que podamos ver.

Que Sera, Sera!

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